Anonymous asked: I already follow you, but any similar blogs to yours?

gosh, there are a lot great ones out there. off the top of my head,

I’m sorry if I haven’t mentioned some obvious ones, I know it’s likely that I have. I’ll add to this list when I get the chance.

(edit: check out those that like this post, i’m sure they share very similar interests C:)

r00ty8 asked: I love ur blog.. from where u are?

the past.

iamoutofideas asked: how old can you go


wweed-deactivated20140210 asked: i found the gif i was looking for, it was from Battle Royal High School, just type "Battle Royal High School gif" in google if u wanna find it ;) (you can also publish this if you want)

oh man, i have totally seen that gif floating around Tumblr for a while, too.  doesn’t help that I’ve never seen the OVA. welp.
glad you figured it out in any case!  publishing for those who were curious.